Top-of-the-line maximum firepower for an extremely competitive environment.

Omnia 11

Standard unit processes FM or AM, with optional Dual Path for two separate transmissions, optional up to three HDs, up to three streaming / encoding paths, and optional RDS. Exceptional audio integrity with unrivaled flexibility.

Omnia 9

Leave the competition in the dust with audio processing for FM, AM, SG, HD/DAB/DRM or studio applications.

Omnia Volt

Omnia.9 Technology in a 1RU Standalone Stereo Generator

Omnia SG

Hardware codec capable of transporting a complete FM composite signal via IP.

MPX xNode

Based on a powerful processing engine designed by Hans van Zutphen, OmniaSST is the first processor to support the Telos Alliance's revolutionary Omnia µMPX™ codec. Transforms your PC into an Omnia Processor!

Omnia SST