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MPX xNode

The Omnia MPX Node is the first purpose-built hardware codec capable of transporting a complete FM composite signal via IP at a reduced data rate. Utilizing the Omnia µMPX™ algorithm, MPX Node can send or receive a full composite signal at data rates as low as 320kbps, making it ideal for sending FM composite over networks with limited capacity (including IP radios).


FM stations have long wrestled with the tradeoff between locating their main audio processor at the studio, where it easily accessed and maintained, or at the transmitter, where it provides optimal performance through direct composite connection to the exciter or transmitter.


Using Omnia MPX Node, broadcasters can enjoy the benefits of keeping their processor at the studio while delivering a routable, transmission-ready, peak-controlled, composite signal including RDS/RBDS to the transmitter without the need for further transmitter-side peak limiting or stereo generation.

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