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25 Seven

25-Seven's overriding goal is to allow radio stations and networks to better control their programming clock. We have addressed and solved some of the trickiest timing issues in radio broadcast. For example:


  • Callers who attempt to throw "F-bombs" on the air are never heard by listeners, while leaving the station with a license-protecting audio audit.

  • Analog and HD Radio are always in sync.


All 25-Seven products boast:


  • Built in browser interfaces that let you configure and control them from anywhere

  • Livewire AoIP, plus superior quality digital and analog audio

  • Second-to-none, proprietary algorithms for transparent audio time compression/expansion

  • No fuzziness, no choppiness and no degradation of ancillary data

  • Operator-friendly interfaces — complex tasks are accomplished with just a few button presses

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