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Video solutions

Today broadcasters need to offer content using many platforms. Whether you need to simply capture video in a radio studio or are fitting out an entire television playout facility, AVC have the solutions and experience to help.

The Telos Video Solutions Group offer loudness, up mixing and down mixing from Minnetonka and Linear Acoustic.

Cinegy offer an end-to-end software solution for video capture, routing and play-out with news, asset management, video monitoring and encoding all built in to a fully IP based solution. AVC installed and have been supporting the government broadcaster FBC running Cinegy for many years.

MuxIP suite of tools allow rapid deployment of FAST and AVOD channels to monetize content.

Stirlitz offer logging solutions for both video and audio. Bionics offer video capture and publishing and Skype with video.

All our solutions are IP based and are state of the art.

Look through our solutions and partner's pages or get in contact with us to see how we can help.

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