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Broadcast Bionics

The Bionic Studio is a visionary glimpse of the future of broadcast technology.  For the first time, studio tools are actively listening, watching, learning and reacting to the studio content in real-time.  This is possible through the interaction of many studio tools, most notably Bionic Talkshow (including Skype TX for Radio), Bionic Director and Bionic Social, alone they are very effective tools but together they are more than the sum of the parts.  By transcribing audio and automatically creating metadata, they empower the teams outside the studio to leverage the rich content produced therein, all without a single change to the creative workflows already in place. Whilst other products allow you to achieve individual parts of the radio workflow, the Bionic Studio allows you to be aware of and control the entire environment with more flexibility and in more depth. The Bionic Studio delivers unprecedented information and control over every aspect of studio production, audience interactivity and social engagement.  Welcome to the Bionic Studio.

Click here for the Bionic Studio video.

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