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Telos’ telephone hybrids and on-air talk show systems continue to set the performance benchmarks by which others are judged. Zephyr codecs are the industry standard. With over 15,000 in use around the world, the Zephyr is probably the most successful digital broadcast product ever. We believe in innovation, and over the years, we’ve pioneered many firsts:


  • First digital radio studio product.

  • First product of any kind to use MP3.

  • First MP3 Internet streaming system.

  • First ISDN phone interface.

  • First ISDN codec.

  • First codec to use MPEG AAC.

  • First to use AAC-LD and AAC-ELD.


Our work has always involved the intersection of audio and networks. While we support a variety of network connections, we’re convinced that IP is the way forward. Leveraging high-volume technologies from the IT world makes a lot of sense for the broadcast industry. That’s why almost all of our gear has an IP connection for both control and Livewire audio. Our Z/IP ONE IP codecs are the most advanced way to pass studio-quality audio over unreliable networks such as the Internet and mobile IP services. Livewire is an efficient, reliable way to transport, route, and distribute audio within broadcast facilities. VoIP systems for studio telephones complete the story.


Despite having grown to become a worldwide leader in broadcast technology, we remain owned and managed by the founders. There are more than a dozen ex-broadcasters on staff making decisions, providing support, and designing products. Because we have "been there," we understand what you need to successfully get your job done. Since we are not beholden to finance types, we can take the long view, investing in fresh ideas for the long-term.

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