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Wedel software is a privately owned company was founded in 1995 by a radio veteran and owner of a successful commercial radio station Group in the Dutch radio industry. The company specializes in software solutions for the Broadcast and Advertising industries.
The Media Sales Software Suite is the world’s first and only truly integrated suite of solutions for managing the business side of media companies. Each of the solutions can be used as a standalone application, or combined and integrated as a total solution for managing Media Sales. A truly automated and integrated workflow will enable your organization to work more efficiently and focus on sales. In total 1,000 radio and television stations in 15 countries use one or more Media Sales software solutions. Support is provided by people with real broadcast experience who understand what it’s like to be at the other end of the phone.
Wedel software solutions provide real time data for reporting on screen or user defined reporting in a secure environment. Reporting options can be automated and customised to suit every business.

Features include:-
•    Direct integration of CRM and Traffic & Billing
•    Salespeople with real-time knowledge of campaigns, contracts, billing information and avails, in the office or on the road
•    Multiple solutions for scheduling and billing
•    Integrated proposal management and automatic forwarding of proposals to Traffic
•    Links to Audience companies assist production of optimised schedules
•    Multi language options
•    Easy to use interface with personalised ‘look and feel’ options

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