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Processing Power House

AIXpressor comes in a compact one rack unit high 19” housing, packed  with a high-performance processing system and comprehensive media  interfacing. Powered by an x86 CPU based processor board, AIXpressor is  open for future upgrades increasing its capabilities as technology  evolves. To give an example of its current performance, the new  processing core is powerful enough to compute over 500 instances of  Level Magic in a single device. All audio decoding, processing and  encoding is performed by the unit’s main core without any need for  additional DSP cards or codec boards. But the AIXpressor is not just a  single digital audio processor. Instead it is Jünger Audio’s most  flexible audio processing solution to date with almost unlimited  possibilities.

flexAI - Any Process, All Platforms

Our R&D team set up a whole new audio processing infrastructure  called flexAI. With flexAI new tools and applications can be created  like plug-ins in a traditional DAW. This concept of software defined  products enables us to create user specific audio solutions without  considering the hardware as a primary factor. All flexAI based  applications can run on the AIXpressor and Jünger Audio’s range of  servAI audio processing servers. Or even on a spanned array of multiple  units. The hardware backs out from being the defining aspect of our  portfolio. With flexAI you decide for a system that suits your needs and  offers a solution to your specific demands. The decision for the actual  processing device and its interfacing can be made almost independently.  Decide for a solution, not just a machine.

Interface Chamaeleon

To guarantee maximum compatibility with your projects, AIXpressor is  equipped with a plethora of on-board media interfaces and four expansion  slots for maximum flexibility. AIXpressor comes with redundant Ethernet  ports as well as independent dual Audio-over-IP interfaces. It is  capable of serving IP based formats such as RAVENNA®, AES67, SMPTE  ST2110-30 and other multimedia stream types. With its three USB ports  AIXpressor can be connected as host or client to a computer. MADI, AES3  and analog I/Os complete its comprehensive range of built-in interfaces  with classic audio connections. Four expansion slots can be equipped  with additional expansion cards, such as 3G HD-SDI with UHD support,  Audinate’s DANTE™ AoIP, microphone inputs, optical and coaxial MADI,  AES3 and analog inputs and outputs.

Cascading Made Simple

AIXpressor is a fully featured stand-alone audio processor which was  designed with scalability in mind. Not only in terms of features and  upgrades, but also in participating in larger systems. AIXpressor and  servAI devices can become part of a processing array to provide  distributed processing or load balancing and allow for high-channel  count applications. To exchange audio and data between participants of a  spanned installation, we developed tieLight as a multichannel, low  latency point-to-point connection for cascading several devices. One  optical tieLight interface is capable of transporting up to 1024 audio  channels in each direction. And as flexAI takes good care to distribute  all necessary audio to where it is required, the system still feels as  if everything is processed in a single device. TieLight is our large  scale optical tie-line.

Functionality Merged with Elegance

A premium black gloss design with the characteristic blue lit Jünger  Audio company logo and all tools for daily operation – AIXpressor  establishes an exciting symbiosis of form and function. The front panel  is made of industry strength glass and features a 16.5 cm wide touch  sensitive display for easy operation and on-site supervision. A powerful  headphone amplifier allows for signal monitoring and a USB host  connector can be used for backups, configuration import or export of  critical system data.

Smart Operation

In keeping with Jünger Audio’s tradition of comprehensive remote  control and automation, all functionality is operated from a completely  new designed web interface. With different layers of parameter access,  users of all qualification levels can easily be instructed to use and  maintain the system. Jünger Audio’s smart audio approach removes all  unnecessary steps and drastically facilitates daily operation

Eco and Budget Friendly

Considering its processing power and capabilities, AIXpressor is low  on power consumption and helps reducing the carbon foot print of your  facility. With its high efficiency redundant power supplies, AIXpressor  is a processing power house without being a power waster.

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