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Bionic Director

Today radio stations are multimedia savvy. They recognise that to engage and hold their audience, they need to make the most of the content they produce, using social media platforms, web sites and more. Virtual Director combines social media messages and photos with intelligent camera control and automated graphics generation.

Using mic levels, fader positions, music playout and social media information Virtual Director creates a rich TV experience, without additional staff or complexity.

With it, you can capture and share video, audio and stills from the studio to social platforms.

Virtual Director doesn’t just make engaging TV, it makes your best radio content shareable and discoverable to a whole new audience.
At all times Virtual Director is capturing stills and video which stations can publish and share immediately onto YouTube, Twitter & Facebook. Visualization is about more than equipping radio with pictures for multi-platform devices, it is about making the great content radio already has available, shareable and discoverable across new media.
Monitoring not just the mic levels and fader positions but also music playout/scheduling and social media information Virtual Director transforms radio studios’ and their content into a rich TV experience, without additional staff or complexity.

Virtual Director can be run in Automatic or Manual mode.
-    Automatic mode utilises smart algorithms to follow the conversation and content, switching cameras, updating graphics and even changing camera angles to match.
-    Manual mode allows you to do this yourself, giving you all the flexibility you may require.

What do we do when the faders are closed?
One problem for visualization systems is what to show when the microphones are closed, with Social integration Virtual Director blends artist and album art images alongside tweets, texts and EPG information to keep the audience engaged.
Traditional radio lacks the sharing habit and social media hooks which the images and video from visualization can provide. Virtual Director can make engaging TV, but more importantly it has the power to bring your best content to a whole new audience.

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