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Social Media for Radio - if you haven't seen it you need to!

The social studio reacts to what listeners are talking about, liking, following and tweeting. It responds to the music you are playing with up to the minute information from both artists and fans. It knows which feeds to aggregate and route to each studio. Radical new social media tools extract compelling content, help build lasting relationships and put intelligent sorting, filtering, routing and publishing tools at your fingertips.

Explore the Social Studio

Think about how great it would be if you could turn your studio from being a space designed for creating and broadcasting one-way audio content into a dynamic place where you can interact and engage with the world outside the studio. You’ll create compellingly fresh content and as a result you’ll be right on the pulse. Your show will always relevant and current.

The premise of the social studio is simple.

    Enable radio stations to consume high volumes of listener interaction and social data in order to create compelling content
    To make radio station’s audio, video, and social data content available via rich multi-platform devices to enhance listener experience
    To deeply integrate online, app and IP experiences bidirectionally into the production environment by leveraging data across your enterprise

An elegant software studio application - OASIS (On Air Social Interaction Server) is Broadcast Bionics’ solution to making radio as social as possible.  When combined with PhoneBOX4 it’s easily the most powerful talkshow content management system you can find, and it’s all in one sophisticated package.

OASIS manages all your social media (Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Google+, Audioboo, commotion) accounts in a way in which you’d never imagined possible so you obtain the best content for your show from them.

OASIS makes images and audio created in your studio readily available, “likeable” and “shareable” through social media, websites and mobile.

OASIS receives input such as instant messaging, thumbs up and down data, real-time polling, advanced visualisation control etc. and provides the ability for you to integrate this data into your own platforms outside the studio.

Whilst it’s not shown in the studio, the system tracks ALL public messages, tweets, posts and comments etc. by a large sample set of people;

    who follow the station
    that the station follows
    who recently followed the station

These messages are not directed but allow for topics to be monitored.

OASIS then tells you which # your audience are using when they talk to you, and when they talk to each other, which means that you can set up your filters before the show starts to find the trending subjects, jokes, images, re-tweeted messages, YouTube clips… and you’re engaged with your audience.
As you would expect from the UK’s leading broadcast software company, the OASIS user interface is beautifully designed for an enriched user experience. It exploits familiar commands -touch screen gestures such as flick and scrolling and is fluid and intuitive to use. Whether you work in a self-operative environment, or have a number of producers and screeners, OASIS with PhoneBOX will work for you because it’s collaborative. Any number of staff can work on the same show monitoring, controlling and managing all the incoming messages and calls. There’s also different views available to reflect the roles of different users.

Broadcast Bionics has collaborated with engineers, producers and on air talent from major broadcasters world-wide to create OASIS.

Feature Rich

OASIS is able to ingest hundreds of Twitter, Facebook, SMS, Email, Google+, Audioboo and Commotion accounts. As new services become popular those additional feed types will be added.

OASIS sits within PhoneBOX. PhoneBOX is specially configured so that all feeds are routed to the correct studio – whether the station is syndicated or networked. As each show has a log on, you can work in any studio at your station and get the correct accounts for your show.

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