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Burli NE. Newsroom System
Burli NE is a multi-media newsroom system for electronic newsrooms. Building on Burli Software’s long experience in newsroom software, Burli NE provides a complete tool set for journalists to gather, edit, broadcast and publish the news. Running on non-proprietary hardware and databases and highly scalable, Burli NE is a multi-platform newsroom system ideal for a wide range of modern newsrooms.

Not Just Broadcast
Few broadcast newsrooms today produce news for just one platform. Audio, images, video, text and social media all emerge from even the most modest news operations. Burli NE ingests and manages content for all your platforms, including radio and television broadcast, online and mobile.

Modern Tools
Optimized for modern news data, Burli NE ingests multi-media data directly from news agencies, smartphone or tablet apps, RSS feeds, YouTube, Twitter and e-mail. Your team can re-purpose and re-publish stories and media as they build editorial content across platforms. And Burli NE integrates with enterprise-class MAM, CMS and broadcast play-out systems for content delivery on-air, online or on-the-go. It also features responsive, cross-platform mobile tools for journalists in the field.

Full-featured, Self-Contained
Burli NE includes integrated audio recorders and editors, image editing, a broadcast prompter for radio and television presenting and social media functions. And so it offers a sophisticated, cost-effective solution for correspondents in the field, bureaus and newsrooms of all sizes.
Burli NE: gather and manage agency copy, images, social media, audio, video and more...

• Complete editorial workflow from Assignments to Archiving.
• Multi-media support for text, audio, images, video, PDFs and more. Integrated text, image and multi-track audio editors.
• Automated ingest of Twitter feeds, monitor YouTube content.
• Burli Beat web interface for browsing, editing and filing news content from virtually any mobile device.
• Burli Portable app for news production on laptops - online or offline.
• Paperless presenting for radio and television with integrated prompter.
• Fast, indexed searching and live filters of news content. Build and save complex searches.
• Flexible user interface customizable per workstation, user or group of users.
• Powerful API for integration with 3rd party CMS, MAM or automation systems.
• Integrated Archive for long-term storage, searching and retreival of content.
• Unicode support for data in wide range of languages and character sets.
• Industry-standard hardware and MS SQL databases.

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