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Drive Software

Drive Software is a sophisticated piece of software that runs on a web browser.


The software manages revenue for a station or Group of stations from sales proposals , scheduling, inventory & yield management,  invoicing and reconciliation


It has a smart scheduling algorithm that maximises revenue and minimises conflicts.


Production teams love the software too with a newly developed creative area to handles work flow efficiently.


There are easily managed reporting tools and dashboards for creative directors , writers & mixers.


These work flows all happen on line in a browser based solution. All you need to do is log and start working where ever you are.


Centralised server means software updates and data are always current.


Whether you have 2 frequencies or 150 Drive Software integrate seamlessly & efficiently across multiple station and brands.


The product scales easily with Mediaworks in NZ operating 190 frequencies , servicing 250 users and hosting 400 million adverts on its server.

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