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The series is based on customized industry standard servers that  proved their reliability in thousands of installations worldwide. With  currently three different available sizes, processing capabilities can  easily be scaled for any application and installation.

flexAI - Any Process, All Platforms

Our R&D team has set up a whole new audio processing  infrastructure called flexAI. With flexAI new tools and applications can  be created like plug-ins in a traditional DAW. This concept of software  defined products enables us to create user specific audio solutions  without considering the hardware as a primary factor. All flexAI based  applications can run on Jünger Audio’s range of servAI audio processing  servers and the stand-alone AIXpressor audio processor. Or even on a  spanned array of multiple units. The hardware is no longer the defining  aspect of our portfolio. With flexAI you decide on the system that suits  your needs and get a solution tailored to your specific demands.  Decision about the actual processing device and its interfacing can be  made almost independently. Choose a solution, not just a machine.

Interface Options

To guarantee maximum compatibility with your projects, servAI can be  equipped with classic multichannel audio interfaces providing MADI and  Jünger Audio’s new tieLight connections. To connect to Audio-over-IP  infrastructures AES67 interfaces are available. For streaming or offline  applications interface cards with four Gigabit Ethernet or two 10  Gigabit Ethernet ports can be used.

tieLight – Any Channel, Anywhere

ServAI devices and the AIXpressor can become part of a processing  array to provide distributed processing or load balancing and allow for  high-channel count applications. To exchange audio and data between  participants of a spanned installation, we developed tieLight as a  multichannel, low latency point-to-point connection for cascading  several devices. One optical tieLight interface is capable of  transporting up to 1024 audio channels in each direction. And as flexAI  ensures that all necessary audio is distributed to where it is required,  the system still feels as if everything is processed in a single  device. TieLight is our large scale optical tie-line.

Smart Operation

In Keeping with Jünger Audio’s tradition of comprehensive remote  control and automation, all functionality is operated from a completely  new designed web interface. With different layers of parameter access  users of all qualification levels can easily be instructed to use and  maintain the system. Jünger Audio’s smart audio approach removes all  unnecessary steps and drastically facilitates daily operation.

Easy Administration

ServAI is running on a customized standard operating systems to  guarantee easy administration and best possible system security.  Administrators are enabled to maintain system functions and install  critical security patches. Even SSH access can be granted to trained  personnel. It can be integrated in standard administration procedures  and schedules. ServAI is a powerful audio tool that feels just like  common IT equipment in the best possible way. Supporting servAI is  exceptionally simple – for the audio staff as well as the IT team!

Eco and Budget Friendly

Considering its processing power and capabilities the servAI series  is low on power consumption and helps reducing the carbon foot print of  your facility. With its high efficiency redundant power supplies, servAI  provides maximum processing power without wasting energy.

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