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Simply put, Fusion is a power-user’s dream. In addition to pre-programmed profiles that make it simple to quickly define new audio sources, Fusion boasts a  highly-detailed, flexible Source Profile interface which allows you to build audio inputs with completely customized, state-based behaviors — granular control of GPIO functions, IFB backfeed and mix-minus, and Monitor and Program Bus assignments — all based on channel On/Off/Preview status. These powerful tools give you complete control of the behavior
of audio sources as they enter and leave the console, allowing automation of complex operations and helping operators run easier, more error-free shows.
Mixing capacity? Fusion has 4 Program buses, plus 4 Aux sends and 2 Aux returns, along with 16 five-channel “Virtual Mixers” that let you mix multiple audio inputs using virtual faders.
Clients have told us over and over how much they value the durability of Axia consoles. Fusion is no exception: all work surfaces are made of heavy-duty, anodized aluminum. This ensures that Fusion will shrug off mistreatment by even the most careless jocks — there are no plastic overlays to crack and peel, no paint to wear off; Fusion’s module markings are sealed with a double-anodizing process, so they’ll stay sharp and legible forever. They literally can’t rub off!

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