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Telos Infinity is the family of AoIP solutions that deliver a quantum leap in scalability ease of integration, efficiency and total cost of ownership. First in the series is the Telos Infinity IP Intercom – a comprehensive next generation communications solution that completely re-imagines broadcast communications. 

From the equipment and techniques used to produce, distribute and broadcast television programming to the devices upon which viewers consume it, technology never stands still.

A category of notable exception has been broadcast intercom, which has not benefited from significant advances in technology, efficiency, or total cost of ownership (TCO) since the early 1990’s when the digital matrix was introduced.

How audio is distributed and some of the edge technologies have evolved, including the evolution to Audio over IP (AoIP), but the basic working model of an intercom has remained the same: All devices, whether panels, Beltpacks, system interfaces or wireless basestations, must ultimately connect to a matrix.

This, as it turns out, proved to be the true bottleneck to growth in intercom technology until The Telos Alliance introduced its Infinity IP Intercom in mid-2017.

By leveraging several aspects of AoIP that were there all along but hiding in plain sight, we have advanced intercom architecture beyond its accepted historical role and into a system of distributed signal processing that creates a living, dynamic, self-healing AoIP solution that eliminates the matrix, converges voice communication and contribution audio on a single IP backbone, and completely re-imagines broadcast communication.

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