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Litt signalling device

Expect the best.
With Litt, we developed an innovative, high-tech LED signaling device that brings convenience and flexibility to almost any kind of signaling application. Programmable light and flash patterns, ultra-bright LED technology, sleek design and an easy assembly system coalesce to create a new class of lighting design.
The world's only signaling device with CleanVision® lighting characteristics.

The most important aspect of a signalling device is the way it produces light and the action that light causes. That‘s why, in collaboration with Philips®, we developed a light with never-seen-before properties. We call it CleanVision®. Litt's CleanVision® makes it incomparable to any signaling device in the world: a powerful presence that's not overly aggressive. Bright but not blinding. Unmistakable. Simply brilliant.

Intelligent modular system.
Most LED signal lights have externally-mounted bayonets or buckles for connection to segments and accessories. While this might be a functional approach, it‘s not aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, external connection devices aren‘t very robust. That's why we chose to relocate Litt‘s connecting parts inside the lighting segment, in the form of a stable bayonet. With Litt, up to five LED segments can be easily mounted on top of each other, no tools required. And because the connections are invisible, the entire device presents an extraordinarily clean, elegant look.

Award-winning design.
When building an LED signal light, design isn’t the first thing on most companies’ minds. But Yellowtec isn’t most companies. Litt is made of solid Aluminium, providing value and durability. Its puristic design blends with any environment in a way that's remarkably unremarkable. By putting design first, Litt’s sleek, progressive appearance earned the coveted red dot design award in 2013.

Five colours conquer the world.
Litt's light segments are available in red, green, yellow, white and blue and come in two heights: 41mm (1.61 in.) and 27mm (1.1 in.). Heights and colours can be combined in any way since each colour has dedicated control inputs. Their 51 millimeter (2“) diameter, along with their integrated design, makes them fully compatible with our award-winning m!ka MMS Mounting System.

Unbelievably product life - unbelievably small carbon footprint.
With an average lifetime of 50,000 hours, Litt is an eco-friendly device with extremely low power consumption. Litt’s environmentally-responsible approach ensures you’re "going green", even when using other colours!

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