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Omnia 7.AM

Do you want your AM broadcasts to sound CLEANER, CLEARER, and LOUDER? Then you need a processor designed and built for today’s AM radio.

Meet Omnia.7AM, a feature-rich, competitively priced AM audio processor engineered to do just that, and the first processor dedicated to AM to appear on the scene in many years. 

While competitors are using old and outdated technology in their processors, the Omnia.7AM uses the best of current technology to meet current challenges faced by AM broadcasters. Omnia.7 AM delivers the powerful, clear, and precise Omnia signature sound that’s the first choice of top stations worldwide.

The Omnia.7AM employs most of the features of the 7FM. All aspects of the processing infrastructure, bandwidth, and their output signals, however, have been specially engineered for maximum efficiency and performance within the AM spectrum.

AM Never Sounded This Good.

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