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Omnia SG

For split audio processing applications, no one does it better than the processor-agnostic 9sg!

We know that the main processor must be installed at either the studio or at the transmitter. Each location has its advantages and disadvantages. Placing a processor at the studio is often more convenient as some transmitter sites are difficult to access, but doing so can compromise quality and loudness as STL audio quality varies and the clippers found in other stereo generators are often mediocre at best. Some transmitters have built-in stereo generators but quality and features vary.

Placing the processor at the transmitter site allows the composite signal from the processor to be fed directly into the transmitter, which provides the best audio quality and the most loudness, but not all transmitter sites have adequate network connectivity for remote control and are often located in remote or difficult-to-access areas. This means making adjustments to the processing is often a challenge.

Split processing—placing the main processor at the studio and performing final stage limiting and stereo generation at the transmitter—can be an ideal, no-compromise solution with the Omnia 9sg.

The processor-agnostic Omnia.9sg was always more than just a stereo generator. With the latest software, this final-stage processor takes its next leap forward with a new clipper design, Livewire+ AES67, audio playout with internal processing for localization or backup, and more.

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