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Omnia Volt

Omnia VOLT is the latest triumph from the people who brought you the multiple-award-winning Omnia.11, the acclaimed Omnia.9, the power-packed Omnia 7, and the 13,000+ Omnia ONEs currently in service. VOLT gives you more sonic performance and processing power in one rack unit than others give you in three. Here’s how:

With VOLT, we have rewritten the rules for broadcast DSP, fine-tuning our algorithms and creating the world’s best-sounding, most powerful and versatile 1RU audio processor. The QuickTweak system helps users get just the sound they want quickly. You can get VOLT on the air in minutes, select presets that have been designed for today’s stations and programming, and create a unique sonic personality with just a few nudges.

VOLT may be the most value-packed audio processor on the market, thanks to its DSP|Core firmware module system. This system means you can re-purpose your VOLT to serve different needs by simply updating firmware. The capability to turn your FM VOLT into an AM unit or into an HD/DAB or SG box comes built into every VOLT, and the fact that each DSP|Core firmware package is FREE is like getting 4 processors in one package.  Modules include VOLT FM, VOLT AM, VOLT HD PRO and VOLT SG. Each Core has a feature set that has been fine-tuned for its application, optimizing system DSP to the unique demands of different user applications.

  • VOLT FM - Killer Omnia FM sound featuring 6 AGC sections (5 multiband + wide-band) , 5 band, time-aligned limiters, Dynamics Engine architecture, the latest low distortion clipper design by Frank Foti, and a high quality composite stereo generator. Dozens of modern presets give you an awesome sound straight out of the box.  Run studio side to feed your STL, or generate FM composite at the transmitter.  

  • VOLT AM - Designed specifically for the challenges of AM radio. Versatile pre- and post-limiting equalization plus superior presets created for today’s AM stations give you the cleanest and most powerful signal on the band. Asymmetrical Modulation and Tilt, applied after the clipper, help you get better performance even from older transmitters!

  • VOLT HD PRO - Purpose built for HD Radio, DRM, DAB, web streams and other compressed media, as well as syndicated program and studio productions. Selectable bandwidths and crossover points, plus our exclusive Sensus algorithms help reduce lossy compression artifacts even at low bitrates. Put it in your syndicated program production chain before the uplink: every episode will be clear, clean, and have a consistency listeners can recognize.  Use VOLT HD PRO as a general purpose processor for gain control, limiting and program distribution.

  • VOLT SG (Stereo Generator) -  For use in cases where you want to split your system between a main processor—usually at the station—and a dedicated MPX stereo generator with advanced composite features at the transmitter. VOLT SG can be paired with a VOLT FM, one of our other Omnia processors, or with any other processor from another manufacturer. VOLT SG uniquely features the same “One Louder” embedded pilot as the Omnia 11.

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