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Pathfinder PC (no longer sold)

Axia’s PathfinderPC and PathfinderPRO router control software for Windows are an amazingly rich set of tools you can use to customize and command your entire Axia network, allowing you to craft extremely sophisticated routing functions. Define automated switching events, construct custom software control panels, change between presets manually, on a daypart schedule, or via an external trigger. Pathfinder’s advanced features include the ability to sense silence at a particular audio port and patch around it automatically — and even send the engineer an e-mail notification. And that’s just the start.

Designed for automated routing control in small to medium-sized facilities, PathfinderPC provides a central point of control, via IP, of up to 25 Axia devices in your plant. Capabilities include route or scene changes based on scheduled events, GPIO closure or Silence Detect trigger events.

PathfinderPRO is the enterprise version of PathfinderPC. It contains all features found in PathfinderPC plus additional capabilities tailored to facilities with large physical plants or complex operational requirements. PathfinderPRO Controls an unlimited number of Axia devices and supports unlimited PathfinderPC client or PathfinderPC Mini connections plus direct Pathfinder control of motorized console faders, VMix Virtual Mixers and more. Includes two server licenses for backup server or server clustering.

If you'e looking for a dedicated appliance for routing control, check out the second-generation of Pathfinder Routing Control, the Pathfinder Core PRO Routing Appliance.

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