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With an easy to operate touchscreen and HTML5 Web UI remote control, Quasar is the new star in Axia IP consoles.

It features:

  • Ethernet connected and self-contained surface modules

  • built in modular and fanless power supplies with a redundant option.

  • Up to 4 user-assignable buttons per channel strip

  • Up to 4 user-programmable Surface Layers

  • 8 user-programmable Master buttons with touch-sense

  • Extensive metering built right into the surface, including fader bargraphs

  • New Quasar Engine with 64 stereo input channels

  • Fully redesigned DSP processing, available on all channels

  • Automixer available on all channels

  • Additional V-Mixer with 80 stereo inputs (independent from console)

  • Reduced fader pitch for higher fader density

  • No overbridge for easier installation on work surfaces. No OLEDs

  • Single or split-frame configurations available, table-top or flush-mount​

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