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Smart Speaker Toolkit

Smart speaker technology (Alexa, Google Home etc.) is transforming the way audio is consumed and interacted with in the home.  The smart speaker toolkit from Broadcast Bionics enables broadcasters to instantly add rich, natural language, bi-directional interactivity into smart speaker experiences and skills.  Delivering friction-less and frustration free communication Bionics intelligent language processing allows listeners to simply shout messages, voice their opinions or ask the studio for additional information about artists, programs, news, weather and travel etc.   There are no fixed commands, the toolkit understands naturally the information you need, the sentiment you are expressing or the message you want to deliver.  The toolkit connects to existing sources of meta data, delivers messages alongside other calls and social media inside the Bionic Studio and provides the listener a richly informed source of additional content and information with no additional production workflow.  Radio provokes strong emotions and responses... Broadcast Bionics have created a natural and immediate way to connect audiences more deeply with the content they love and the information they need.   Listening to, and, shouting at the radio will never be the same again!

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