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Stirlitz Media Logger

Multi-channel audio & video recording software
    Records a mix of up to 64 video or 256 audio channels
    Grabs audio & video from multi-channel capture/tuner cards & IP sources
    Registers accompanying levels of metadata from any source
    Metadata sources include:
    - as-run logs from broadcast play-out systems
    - GPIO events from console or other hardware
    - subtitles
    - loudness
    - listener/viewer numbers
    - volume
    Timeline based SML Player connects to up to 128 (local or remote) SML servers
    Access logs through LAN or Internet, just seconds after recording
    Scroll through history by simply dragging the Timeline
    Metadata is displayed in the Timeline and in a scrollable a text box.
    One-click audio/video export from SML Player
    Automated, scripted export through Stirlitz Media Podcaster
    Passive streaming to website and mobile app through Stirlitz Media Archive Streamer
    Automated detection of music and advertisements through Stirlitz Media Inspector

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