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WideOrbit Automation for Radio

A radio automation system which revolutionizes the look and feel of play-out software. Originally known as Google Radio Automation, WideOrbit Automation for Radio is now in its fifthgeneration and is in use by over 1000 stations around the world.


The systems boasts:

• The best user interface available. Announcers can confidently start using the system within minutes.

• Centralised redundant playout servers

• Ability to run clients anywhere

• Control from your phone or iPad

• Your choice of operating system
• Ability to run in Virtual Environments

• Granular security settings for each user profile.

• Powerful import features mean audio can automatically be imported into the system via watch folders, FTP sites or even email.

• Audio can be analysed, normalised and markers can automatically be placed – all without human intervention. 

• Standard audio files mean audio can be produced in third party tools such as Adobe Audition and sent into the system with metadata.

• Real time playlist editing on any playlist from anywhere included at no extra cost.

• Web based utilities for inventory management, reports and more included at no extra cost.

• Amazing level of integration with MusicMaster music scheduling system. 

• Support for all major traffic and music scheduling systems. 

• Built in voice tracking.

• Support for multiple playlists.

• Sharing of audio between sites.

• And much much more.


Please contact us for more information or to arrange an online demonstration.

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