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Anywhere is an amazing new 2-way web communications tool designed especially for Broadcasters, their listeners and contributors. It allows you to seamlessly connect to the studio from any device, be it a laptop, tablet or smart phone.  A simple click of their mouse, and listeners can speak and share video and images using the camera on their device, chat with the studio using instant messaging, register opinions for a track, and agree or disagree with a discussion.  - Listeners simply click on a link or button in your App or on your Website to connect to the studio. - Send Special Guests or Contributors a unique link for direct connection to the studio - Staff and Journalists may use a perpetual link reserved for filing reports from other locations Connect Anywhere into your Bionic Studio system and have a photo of the caller displayed on the line along-side the caller details on the line display, feed the video into Bionic Director and share and discover content using Bionic Social. Whilst other contribution systems use dedicated software or hardware all you need for Anywhere is a device with a browser to connect directly to the studio. You didn't hear it Anywhere, you heard it here.

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