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​iQ6: Six lines of crystal-clear caller audio.
One easy RJ-45 connection.

A multi-line phone system that connects to your console with just one cable? Smooth, detailed caller audio — even from cellular callers? Meet iQ6, the no-hassle Telco gateway for Axia Audio mixing consoles.

iQ6 plugs right into Livewire AoIP network networks, saving money and time by eliminating the cost and labor of old-fashioned discrete I/O, cabling and soldered connectors. All connections to and from from the iQ6 system - receive and send audio, hybrid control, mix-minus for six phone lines, even connections to VSet6 phone controllers and included PC-based call-screening software - travel over a single skinny CAT-5 cable. Setup is simple: plug it into your Axia network, do some fast web-based configuration, and voila! you're taking calls.

The photo shows a complete Axia iQ console system, with QOR.32 console engine, iQ6 Talkshow system, and iQ control surface with onboard phone controller. Control of both iQ6 hybrids and Status Symbols information icons are right on the mixer’s surface.

Talent can control iQ6 right from their Axia console — there are Axia telco modules that put hybrid control and Status Symbols information icons right on the mixer’s surface, so talent never has to take their eyes off the board to take a call.

You can also pair iQ6 with Telos Vset phones and their full-color, high-contrast display screens. iQ6 is extremely flexible: you can connect up to 12 control devices at once -- phones, PCs or console controllers -- to take charge from nearly anywhere. Separate Send and Receive level meters for each hybrid are conveniently located right on the front panel for extra monitoring confidence.

How does iQ6 sound?

Like a Telos, of course! Inside, two of our most advanced hybrids handle up to six phone lines (POTS or ISDN — let us know which when you order). Those hybrids are equipped with Digital Dynamic EQ and adjustable smart-level, symmetrical wide-range AGC by Omnia to keep callers sounding clean, clear and spectrally consistent call after call. An adjustable caller override lets you dial-in just the right amount of call ducking. Our subtle, inaudible pitch-shifter helps prevent open-speaker feedback. And conference linking lets you set up highquality conferencing between callers at the touch of a button — no external equipment needed.

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