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A complete suite of solutions to launch and manage your content.

Caller One

The Talkshow system that answers, screens and controls calls from a browser on any device!

Dual Stereo Level Magic Audio Processor - EASY LOUDNESS AoIP

With  dual stereo processing channels and integrated DANTE™/AES67 I/O, EASY  LOUDNESS AoIP is an excellent choice for automatic and intelligent  real-time loudness management.


Jünger  Audio’s flexAIserver series of audio servers provides superb processing  power and flexibility where high-channel counts and comprehensive processing is required.


AIXpressor is Jünger Audio's new flagship audio processor with great power,  comprehensive media interfaces and a new software architecture.


Quasar is the star in new Axia consoles. Designed for any size radio studio and small TV installations, Quasar is the 6th generation native AoIP mixing platform.

MSR 300

The MSR300 is a 1 RU platform that supports up to 3 independent DVB-S2 receive modules.

Drive Software

Drive Software is a sophisticated piece of software that runs on a web browser.


Appearances can be deceiving. Axia iQx looks like a traditional console, but it’s actually a surface and mix engine rolled into one. With nearly limitless connections, we can’t even fathom the possibilities.


Multi-channel recording solution from Axia. Ideal for compliance logging.


Intellimix is more than a good looking desktop mixer. As your multi-standard gateway, it will help you to integrate the various sources and destinations of your individual infrastructure. Get in line with any common multichannel platform. The Base Unit offers all the audio I/Os, extension slots, connectors and GPIOs you need.

Aero 8000

Enterprise-wide audio and loudness management deployed on a dedicated AERO.8000 processing engine, featuring the same algorithms as AERO.100/1000/2000.

Aero 10

Renowned Linear Acoustic loudness control and upmixing for compliance and viewer-pleasing quality, but with incredible cost-savings for PCM-only applications.

MPX xNode

Hardware codec capable of transporting a complete FM composite signal via IP.

Audio Tools Server

AudioTools Server is an enterprise software system for file-based workflows. Designed to not only solve but automate even the most sophisticated audio tasks, AudioTools Server is a complete solution for managing and processing linear PCM, Dolby E, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Digital Plus content, as well as the audio essence in MXF and QuickTime® clips.

Smart Speaker Toolkit

Shout at the radio and be heard!

Stirlitz Media Podcaster

The Stirlitz Media Podcaster (SMP) add-on allows you to create repeating exports of video and audio from your Stirlitz Media Logger.

Bionic Director

Automatic capture of video to strengthen your relationship with your audience.

Omnia SST

Based on a powerful processing engine designed by Hans van Zutphen, OmniaSST is the first processor to support the Telos Alliance's revolutionary Omnia µMPX™ codec. Transforms your PC into an Omnia Processor!


A 2RU loudness management platform with front panel controls and color display for hosting Linear Acoustic® AEROMAX® processing, UPMAX®-II upmixing/downmixing, Dolby® coding, and Nielsen® watermark encoding.

Aero 100

A compact and space-efficient 1RU loudness management platform for hosting Linear Acoustic® AEROMAX® processing, UPMAX®-II upmixing/downmixing, Dolby® coding, and Nielsen® watermark encoding.


Range of software solutions for the complete workflow including capture, playout, multiviewers, routing, transcoding and more.

ASI 5812

PCI Express audio adapter designed for use in radio broadcast FM MPX generation.

ASI Cards

Complete line of sound cards for the audio professional.


AVC's enterprise wide user-driven CDS (Contribution and Distribution System) using IP with multi-path and time zone delay.

GPIO Dongle

Throw away your soldering iron and connect GPIO with plug and play!

HP 505

Headphone amp and control turret.

TEX Series

Exciter / All in one FM transmitters

Music Master

Music Scheduling Software

Z/IP Stream 9X/2

Includes all of the revolutionary features found in Z/IPStream X/2, and exclusive Omnia.9 tools from Leif Claesson.

Z/IP Stream X/2

The Future is Streaming. The Future is Here. High-quality adaptive streaming encoding.

Z/IP Stream R/2

The best-sounding streams...from the smallest box.

Z/IP Stream R/1

The professional, one-box streaming appliance.


Control branding, playout systems, cameras, DMX lighting, mixers and many other common devices.


The Ultimate HD audio interface.

Skype TX for Radio

Radio's answer for Skype.

Program Delay Manager

Program Delay Manager (PDM) brings ease of use, transparent audio quality and program director friendly features to take an old process to an entirely new level.


Telos pioneered the very first digital adaptive telephone hybrid. These third-generation POTS hybrids have earned a worldwide reputation for extracting clean, clear caller audio from even the most difficult calls. POTS phones never sounded so good!


Dual analogue hybrid.


Six lines of crystal-clear caller audio. One easy RJ-45 connection.


Hx6 Six-Line Talkshow System


Axia xSelector combines the routing functions of an XY router control panel with the audio outputs of an Axia xNode - a dual-purpose device equally useful in studios, rack-rooms or transmitter sites.

Stirlitz Media Logger

The worlds most verstile and user friendly logger.


xNodes are your interfaces to AoIP.


Telos Infinity is a new AoIP solution that delivers a quantum leap in scalability, ease of integration, efficiency and total cost of ownership.

iXm Recording Microphone

The recording microphone, redefined. Ease of use, pristine audio quality and innovative digital processing.

Monitor Arms

Monitor mounts

Mic Arms

The ultimate in on-air microphone support

Bionic Contest

Still using spreadsheets? Prizes not linked to your caller database? Time to look at an integrated system.

Pathfinder Core Pro

Routing Control, Automation & Facility Management Appliance

Burli News

Burli NE is a multi-media newsroom system.

Omnia SG

Omnia.9 Technology in a 1RU Standalone Stereo Generator

Omnia 9

Standard unit processes FM or AM, with optional Dual Path for two separate transmissions, optional up to three HDs, up to three streaming / encoding paths, and optional RDS. Exceptional audio integrity with unrivaled flexibility.

Omnia 11

Top-of-the-line maximum firepower for an extremely competitive environment.


Call screening software for Telos equipment.

WideOrbit Automation for Radio

A radio automation system which revolutionizes the look and feel of play-out software.

Omnia Volt

Leave the competition in the dust with audio processing for FM, AM, SG, HD/DAB/DRM or studio applications.


Zephyr iPort PLUS is a Livewire-to-MPEG/AAC/aptX gateway that transports multiple channels of stereo audio across any QoS-enabled IP network -- perfect for large-scale distribution of audio to single or multiple locations.


IP Codec

VSet 6

Handsets designed for broadcast!

VSet 12

Handsets designed for broadcast!

VX Prime Plus

VX Prime is the little brother to the full VX Broadcast Talkshow system, offering the same level of high performance to smaller facilities with two to four studios—all on an IP backbone that sounds better and costs less.The Telos VX Prime+, with built-in support for AES67, is the next evolution of Telos VX VoIP phone systems in a powerful new 1RU hardware unit.

VX Enterprise

A broadcast phone system that’s so powerful, it can run all the on-air phones for your entire plant. Telos VX Enterprise™, with built-in support for AES67, is the next evolution of Telos VX VoIP phone system in a powerful new 1RU hardware unit.

XY Router Control Panel

XY Router Control Panel lets you route any source to any destination (any-to-any routing) with the click of a button. Choose your desired audio stream, select your network output and press “Take” to route audio. Perfect for TOC program stream selection, ingest stations where a multitude of incoming feeds need routing to air, or production rooms — anywhere you need many-to-one control of networked audio streams.

OLED SoftSwitch Router Control Panel

The 8-Button OLED SoftSwitch provides high-visibility router control from any studio turret or equipment rack. Its eight bright, sharp OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) readouts can display simple text or user-supplied monochrome bitmaps, and can be seen from nearly any angle — across the table, or across the room. Use Pathfinder to program custom routing commands you can invoke instantly with the touch of a button.

Film-Cap Switch Panels

Use these Film-Cap Router Control Panels when dynamic-text capabilities are not required.

17-Button LCD SmartSwitch Panel

The 17-button SmartSwitch Router Control Panel.


High quality audio, rich information and total control.... from Anywhere

Bionic Social

Social Media and audience engagement tools.

Bionic Talkshow

Call handling and social media solutions and much more. The industry standard.


8 fader standalone console ideal for small studios.


Rack mount console great for OB kits.


Cost effective 6 fader console - great for OB, ingest etc


Signalling lights for in the studio.


All in one - Ideal for smaller stations


Fusion is the new Axia modular console packed with features and capabilities refined from over a decade's worth of IP-Audio experience. Fusion : where design, technology and knowledge intersect.

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